format list of items with double quotes

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I'm trying to use -join to add "" to each item in a list and separate those items with a comma. I'm having trouble adding the quotes to the start of the first item and at the end of the last item in the list. Any help would be appreciated.

format list with "",""

$ -join """, """

****missing quote here****80028575-0419-4606-b4d6-9fe92cb5fddc", "9d3ebc0f-d417-4ca2-a2f8-77e8bf176741", "76558545-cf6b-4f2a-8d0c-ddf111318317", "61527f1f-648b-4d27-84b1-dddc8882aa01", "727c776b-0cdd-4e82-a445-13fb5aa59f9e", "3d7bf58f-9620-4903-a6b8-1cf25d21bcf4", "0e84d8c7-b73f-4ec4-b893-4ca489704b2e", "5b49b6f6-805c-41b1-8933-5217cbc81320", "b4cf2c5a-fcc0-405e-b5af-e6686800ccfe", "c2003f91-9698-4aec-9eeb-8e82eaabf6f6", "5b7386d2-f751-48ef-bcdd-67af3fa48a3f", "b6930200-c11b-4026-a021-a1ed81488cde", "952dab4f-7c9d-44b6-b434-090f45fde209****missing quote here****



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    Is this what you want?

    $array = @('aaaa','bbbb','cccc')  
    "Starting array..."  
    $string = '"{0}"' -f ($array  -join """, """)  
    "As a string..."   
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