Blazor netcore 6.0 wasm reproducable bug with GRPC / protobuf

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I'm trying to get grpc working with blazor client webassembly. To reproduce the problem simple create a Blazor WebAssembly App (no auth, https checked but nothing else checked). After creating the app, add packages grpc.aspnet.core.web 2.49.0 and 3.21.8. After adding both in any order you will immediately get the error

Error NETSDK1082 There was no runtime pack for Microsoft.AspNetCore.App available for the specified RuntimeIdentifier 'browser-wasm'

If you have one or the other as a package then the error doesn't occur, but both together produces it 100% of the time. If I do a blazor app but with server and add the package to the server side then it has no problems at all so this has something to do with the client side webassembly.

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  1. Bruce ( 59,051 Reputation points

    there are two gRPC nuget packages. One for asp net core apps (has client and server support). this package require the core framework. two Grpc.Net.Client which is for .net core clients, but it requires http2 support in core.

    neither of these packages will work with Blazor. Blazor WASM is a unique framework, and its HttpClient just calls javascript as WASM has no network support.

    you want to use the browser version and call js interop.

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