The 'new' security mess for storing and where to store ... I simply don't get it !

KeldSor 351 Reputation points

Lately I've been having lots of problems storing document on my computer, NAS-drive and network !

It's completely incomprehensible how to solve these problem and no matter what setting I try to change - I still can't figure it out !

I have set in my NAS-drive as a 'trusted' storage:


I still have problems when I use Word - something with the tmp-file created automatically by Word:


What can I do to cure this stupid problem - it's driving me crazy !

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  1. KeldSor 351 Reputation points

    ;-) I have a DANISH version so ...

    But the FIRST image is showing that my NAS-drive with sub folders are a trusted storage

    he second image shows that macros is blocked because the source is not trusted - I have some macros is the Normal.dotm,
    but the dialog is saying that macros is blocked IN THE TMP-file !

    I don't have any control of that TMP-file ... I think ?

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  2. Charles Qi_MSFT 966 Reputation points

    Hi, @KeldSor

    We recommend you to install the latest updates of Windows/Office 365. You can also uninstall the 64-bit version of Office and install 32-bit version if you are using 64-bit version.

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  3. KeldSor 351 Reputation points

    Yeah, I can do a lot of things to just use up time ... but will it cure the problem ?

    Do I hear you say that the 64-bit version has some errors - what are the purpose installing the 32-bit version ?

    I have work'around the problem by doing some of the settings that is NOT recommended in the dialogs !

    When MS is releasing such a big mystifying update on security they should too release a list og 'best pratice' to get things flowing again for the users !

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  4. KeldSor 351 Reputation points

    Now I had the problem again - just out of nowhere - I've done a lot of Word-jobs with NO problems and then suddenly it's there again - wont allow the autocreated TMP-file and showing a chain of dialogs ending up with my NORMAL Dotm to be overwriten !

    Before I realize what the problem is - it have made 2-3 of these messageboxes shown in my first posting !

    Why is NOBODY reacting ?

    Am I the only one having this very, very annoying problem ?

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