VBA/Microsoft Excel Mass Hyperlink Macro/Function

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I need help finding/creating a new macro function to a mass hyperlink, if possible. I have a spreadsheet with ~9000 lines. It is an invoice spreadsheet, which includes company names. I need to be able to, essentially, find and insert a hyperlink from the company name to a folder on Microsoft OneDrive. I can’t drag the hyperlink through the column because the company names are split up throughout the spreadsheet. I would individually do this, but I have 200 company names to hyperlink with thousands of contract numbers inside the invoice. I have a function created in Google Scripts, but I need to convert it to MS lingo. I either need help converting this function or someone who can create a better one to use.

Here is the Google Script function :

function hearCompanyName1(){ //function name
var range = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet().getDataRange(); //calls range of sheet checks all cells
var values = range.getValues(); //gets all values

var found = values.map(function(row){
return row.reduce(function(acc, cell, ind) {
//Gets the string cells containing companyname1
if(typeof cell !== 'string' || cell.indexOf('CompanyName1') === -1){
acc[ind] = cell;
return acc;
acc[ind] = cell.replace('CompanyName1', '=HYPERLINK("https://COMPANYWEBBSITE.com", "CompanyName1")');
return acc;
}, []);

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