12gen intel Thunderbolt 4 implementation in Win11 / eGPU stuttering

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Hello. I have a XPS 15 9520 / i7 12700H / 32GB RAM / 2x 1TB drive / RTX 3050 Ti / OLED

I bought a eGPU encloure Razer core X + nVidia RTX3070

When i play games like Cyberpunk 2077, they terribly lags and stutters. I have all drivers updated and disabled the dedicated 3050 Ti. Long story short. I found that the problem is 12gen intel thunderbolt optimalization in windows 11.

I installed a bootable external drive with windows 10. All games runs great and smooth. The experience is mutch better. The difference is Night and day.

Does Microsoft plan to fix this issue? I dont like the idea to dual boot second windows. I would like to have a plug and play solution in windows 11, or iam gonna return the eGPU enclosure.

Here is a thread where more people face this problem and cant find a solution.


Here is another thread about thunderbolt XPS15 9520:



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