Custom Domain Validation stuck over 24 hours

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I am trying to enable https for my Azure CDN endpoint for a static web site in Azure storage. My current attempt has been stuck on domain validation for over 24 hours, and it says post for support if this is the case.

I have not received any validation email and have verified at least one of the email addresses works. The DNS entry shows up fine via The domain has the cdnverify. prefix.

This is my 3rd attempt, the first two cancelled themselves after 12-14 hours each, probably due to my changing something in DNS, plus the apparent 8 hour cleanup. So this has taken over 3 days now.

Is there anything I can do to get more status or make this work?


Azure Content Delivery Network
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  1. Dillon Silzer 39,546 Reputation points

    Hi @scott_gc

    I would recommend setting it and waiting up to 48-72 hours. I have seen DNS take quite awhile to update DNS records in the past. I would also recommend to send for verification and wait without cancellation.

    You can also try opening a ticket with Azure Support:


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  2. Sam of Simple Samples 5,471 Reputation points

    I am unfamiliar with Azure CDN endpoints and web sites in Azure storage. The following assumes that what I say here applies to those too.

    In my experience, if a DNS update does not begin to propagate within a couple of hours then there is probably a problem.

    Note that there are DNS servers around the world. DNS changes are often not so quickly applied to some places in the world but they usually begin to be applied to the major places. A tool like DNS Propagation Checker - Global DNS Testing Tool will show you the various locations in the world and provide a status for each location.

  3. Dan Strzelec 1 Reputation point

    I am having the exact same experience. I created two new CDN Profiles on Monday and Tuesday of this week. After 24 hours, the custom domain process was reset as if I had never created it or set it up. It sat at the validation phase the entire time. I re-created the custom domains for both profiles again and they have now been sitting at the validation phase for over 48 hours and are stuck on the validation phase. I had my DNS records created weeks ago in preparation for these new CDN profiles, so they have been in place well before and I have confirmed them with NSLOOKUP and DIG commands on the open Internet. I also have all backup email addresses setup in my environment which they say they will use if they are unable to complete the DNS validation and no emails have been sent to these addresses, confirmed via Exchange Online Message Traces.

    I opened a support case 48 hours ago and have yet to hear from anybody to even acknowledge taking up my case. I have no idea what is going on over there, but they are definitely having problems and don't seem to have adequately staffed support teams for it.

  4. Dan Strzelec 1 Reputation point

    After shaking the tree with all of the above mentioned out-reaches regarding my support case, a tech finally picked up my ticket. He then forwarded my issue over to Digicert support via email who responded within an hour advising that my custom domains were now validated. How is it that a DNS-based validation isn't automated and requires a human to get involved? I asked Digicert for an explanation as to why the process broke down but I have yet to receive a response. The Azure portal now shows my custom domains have a status of "enabling", and the 4 stages of progress no longer show up at all which is odd because they show up on the one CDN custom domain I setup over a month ago.