how can i set alias dynamically to all the columns.

kkmyghty 41 Reputation points

table 1

name age id address
ksah 22 43 goa
nora 20 01 vegas
brad 31 32 gakww

as (after query : [select *(using asterisk for all columns) AS "col" from table 1;])

col col col col
ksah 22 43 goa
nora 20 01 vegas
brad 31 32 gakww

col1 col2 col3 col4
ksah 22 43 goa
nora 20 01 vegas
brad 31 32 gakww

Please help!!! am new at learning sql,
I have been told to go through Information_SCHEMA, alias, and Cursor, but am not able to understand the way of executing it.
Please suggest something. asap.

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  1. LiHongMSFT-4306 24,931 Reputation points

    Hi @kkmyghty

    1. You cannot give multiple columns a same alias like this 255478-image.png
      2)To obtain dynamic alias, you need dynamic SQL. Check the following query: create table table1
      name varchar(20),age int,id int,address varchar(20))
      insert into table1 values
      ('brad',31,32,'gakww') DECLARE @TableName NVARCHAR(100) = N'table1'
      WHERE TABLE_NAME = @TableName SELECT @alenzi _Text = 'SELECT '
      SELECT @alenzi _Text += ( -- Add in column list, with dynamic column names.
      SELECT @alenzi _Text = LEFT(@alenzi _Text, LEN(@alenzi _Text) - 1) + ' ' -- Remove trailing comma
      SELECT @alenzi _Text += ' FROM '+@TableName
      --PRINT @alenzi _Text EXEC sp_executesql @alenzi _Text DROP TABLE #COLUMNS,table1

    Best regards,
    Li Hong

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  1. Erland Sommarskog 104.2K Reputation points MVP

    Suggest what? I'm afraid that I am not understanding your question.

    Although,since you are new to SQL, the answer may be; you don't do that. Making column aliases dynamic is not a common thing to do, so it is nothing you learn in SQL 101.

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