Deployment Failed for Azure Functions App

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I am trying to deploy a function app API but after successfully building, I keep getting the following error:
I also found that I cannot access the <your-app-service> either, as that returns a "Server Error in '/' Application. The network path was not found." error.

Run Azure/functions-action@v1  
    app-name: epots-api  
    slot-name: Production  
    package: ./api/  
    publish-profile: ***  
    respect-pom-xml: false  
    respect-funcignore: false  
    scm-do-build-during-deployment: false  
    enable-oryx-build: false  
    NODE_VERSION: 18.x  
Successfully parsed SCM credential from publish-profile format.  
Using SCM credential for authentication, GitHub Action will not perform resource validation.  
Error: Execution Exception (state: ValidateAzureResource) (step: Invocation)  
Error:   When request Azure resource at ValidateAzureResource, Get Function App Settings : Failed to acquire app settings from https://<scmsite>/api/settings with publish-profile  
Error:     Failed to fetch Kudu App Settings.  
Internal Server Error (CODE: 500)  
Error:       Error: Failed to fetch Kudu App Settings.  
Internal Server Error (CODE: 500)  
    at Kudu.<anonymous> (D:\a\_actions\Azure\functions-action\v1\node_modules\azure-actions-appservice-rest\Kudu\azure-app-kudu-service.js:62:23)  
    at (<anonymous>)  
    at fulfilled (D:\a\_actions\Azure\functions-action\v1\node_modules\azure-actions-appservice-rest\Kudu\azure-app-kudu-service.js:5:58)  
    at processTicksAndRejections (internal/process/task_queues.js:97:5)  
Error: Deployment Failed!  

How do I fix this such that I can deploy my functions?

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  1. Delcastillo, Joseph 1 Reputation point

    My problem was a missing storage container. Remaking the Functions App regenerated one and a new connection between the two, resolving the problem

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