Marketplace - VM - Select an Image - Pay as you go from third parties - how does it work?

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I am thinking about ordering a VM.
There are many images in the marketplace from third parties based on an hourly rate around.
That is great.

What worries me is field Size.
It feels like the Size is based on a Plan and not on usage.

However, the info icon in field Size states: Azure charges an hourly price based on the VM's size and operating system.

How does it work.
You order an image and a size for let's say 200 USD a month.
As you need it only for 4 hours - do you pay a fraction of the 200 Dollars?
Are the 200 Dollars based on 31 days with 24 hours each?
When does the money clock start ticking?
By hitting the Create button - or when the resource is finished provisioning.

What happens if a stupid image fails during the provisioning. Will it become my problem, or the problem of the third party.

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  1. risolis 8,701 Reputation points

    Hello @matjung

    Thank you for sharing this question on this community space.

    I would like to gather the next articles which fits into your previous statement the one you were describing previously related to 3rd party VM OS, billing and OS support.... So please direct yourself down below:

    Moreover, I would say that if you want to pay less money for it, you can choose the option reserved instance for Virtual machines. Also, you will be charge for the usage like storage, networking and so on...

    If you can deallocate the VM that is being used in order to decrease the billing charges and program policies to shut down the VM as well.

    I hope you can find this useful to address your concern.

    Looking forward to your feedback,


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  2. srbhatta-MSFT 8,546 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hello @matjung ,
    To build on to what Ricardo has suggested, since you need the in depth details of the pricing model for third party images on Azure, I would highly recommend you to contact Azure Sales via chat or call. They will be able to point you to the correct details.

    Hope this helps. Please do let me know if you have any further queries.

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