fatal error LNK1220: 'resolving static reference symbol' requires '/WOWA64' specification

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I'm running a batch file that first compiles a main.c file using cl.exe, then tries to generate main.exe by linking main.obj and some libraries. The first step, creating main.obj, seems to run without error, but the linking step throws this error (fatal error LNK1220: 'resolving static reference symbol' requires '/WOWA64' specification). I'd assume the solution is to add /WOWA64 to the list of options when cl is called in the makefile, but as far as I can tell, /WOWA64 doesn't exist. I can't find any information about it. I can't share the code, so I know finding an overall solution on this forum would be difficult, but can anyone at least explain what the /WOWA64 specification is?

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