Possible bug in portal azure sql database deplyment cancelation

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On portal.azure.com, when creating a copy of existing sql database (same subscription, same server), you have an option to cancel it's deployment. However after pressing 'Cancel deployment' button and getting a notification with confirmation that deployment was successfully canceled - the copy of database will still be created. That has led to some unexpected costs as copies of P1 databases were created and just sat on my subscribtion for few days until I noticed.

Is that a desired behaviour/technical limitation or is it simply a bug? If it's a bug, is it platform wide or account specific?

Steps to reproduce :

  1. Have an sql database.
  2. Go to the database overwiev, press 'Create copy', go through the wizard.
  3. During copy deployment press 'Cancel deplyment'. Wait for notification with confirmation that it was successfully canceled.
  4. In some time (depending on size of source database - mine took around an hour) canceled copy will still be created.
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  1. Ronen Ariely 15,091 Reputation points

    Good day @Dawid Zyrek

    Thanks for sharing the information

    This place is for discussion regarding technical questions and not for feedback

    There is a specific place where you should publish such information (BUGs and feedback) in order to pass it to the right team, which is at the feedback system. Please publish your BUG Report in the following system:


    Remember to add as much information as you can, including screenshot if you find these helpful. You should explain how the team can reproduce the scenario so they can find the solution

    Thanks again for sharing the information and for being part of QnA the community. Please remember to close this thread once you publish the bug report in the right system

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