trying to get messages from telegram bot using not working

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Hi, I'm trying to get messages, ID, ... out of telegram using the new telegram v18 bot.
As the bot.startreceiving has subs with arguments that are not in the startreceiving it is not going good. Tried to translate it from C# - but got errors I don't know how to solve.
Can anyone tell me what I need to change for this to get it running good?

I'm pretty new to this and don't know how to solve this.

This is what I got:

   Imports Telegram.Bot  
   Imports Telegram.Bot.Exceptions  
   Imports Telegram.Bot.Polling  
   Imports Telegram.Bot.Args  
   Imports Telegram.Bot.Extensions.Polling  
   Imports Telegram.Bot.Types  
   Imports Telegram.Bot.Types.Enums  
   Imports Telegram.Bot.Types.ReplyMarkups  
   Public Class Form1  
       Public TelegramBotToken As String = "YOUR TELEGRAM TOKEN HERE"		  
       Private Sub Button4_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button4.Click  
           Dim bot1 = New TelegramBotClient(TelegramBotToken)  
           Dim receiverOptions1 = New ReceiverOptions  
           bot.startreceiving(UpdateHandler, ErrorHandler, receiverOptions1)  
       End Sub  
       Private Sub ErrorHandler(arg1 As ITelegramBotClient, arg2 As Exception, arg3 As CancellationToken)  
           Throw New NotImplementedException()  
       End Sub  
       Private Async Sub UpdateHandler(bot As ITelegramBotClient, update As Update, arg3 As CancellationToken)  
           If (update.Type = UpdateType.Message) Then  
               If (update.Message.Type = MessageType.Text) Then  
                   Dim Text As String = update.Message.Text  
                   Dim ID1 As String = update.Message.Chat.Id  
                   Dim username As String = update.Message.Chat.Username  
               End If  
           End If  
       End Sub  
   End Class  

if you know how to solve or how I can read telegram messages using, please let me know!!!!

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  1. Paul Falleyn 1 Reputation point

    I think I need to use some addhandler, but don't know how and which - pretty new to these things.

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