Win32 API: How to define line spacing in a static text

Pablo Glomby 181 Reputation points

I have a C++ Win32 application where I use a standard form and a static text inside it. I need to extend the line spacing (space between lines) and I did not find any way to do it. I know I can change the font of the control but the line spacing is not a font attribute. Is there any way to define the line spacing using Win32?

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  1. Castorix31 80,906 Reputation points

    You can use a Read Only RichEdit control with EM_SETPARAFORMAT and PFM_LINESPACING flag

    A test with bLineSpacingRule = 4
    and dyLineSpacing = 100 or dyLineSpacing = 400 : Rich-Edit-Line-Spacing.jpg

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  1. RLWA32 38,856 Reputation points

    You could use a read-only rich edit control where you can specify line spacing instead of a static control.

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  2. Darran Rowe 561 Reputation points

    To directly answer your question.
    You have to understand that the static control is meant to be simple. For the static text control, it is designed specifically for a dialog box type window and usually used as a label. This means there is no way to set the static text control's line spacing.

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