Can integration services (SSIS) traffic to the internet be routed via a proxy ?

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We deploy integration services on a server.
We have a package that needs to be able to access a web resource ( a script component is grabbing some data from an API by calling out to a URL).
The server is currently only allowed to talk to talk to the internet via the firewall to resources with a fixed IP address - but the URL we want to use this time does not have a fixed IP address - and we want to route SSIS via the proxy. Is this possible ?

As we are using a script component, we could add lines of code to direct the traffic (for this script component) via the proxy ?

When developing the package we used Visual Studio, and had to add a section to the devenv. exe.config in c:\program files (x86)... visual studio... to force the traffic through the proxy (but maybe this is forcing the traffic through the users proxy ). We added a section to the config like

<> <settings> <ipv6 enabled="true"/> <servicePointManager expect100Continue="false"/> </settings> <defaultProxy useDefaultCredentials="true" enabled="true"> <proxy usesystemdefault="True" /> </defaultProxy></>

Is there a similar .config file for SSIS on the server where the package will be deployed too ?
Or can we force the traffic to use the proxy by adding lines of .net code to the script component to have the same affect ?

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