Best method to manage Dynamic Distribution List based on Group Membership in an AAD cloud environment

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My company is purely cloud-based with AzureAD and Exchange Online. Dynamic Distribution Lists are not as easy to manage in AAD/ExchangeOnline as they were in the traditional on-prem versions, AD/Exchange. The cloud-based versions do not enjoy the same level of interconnectivity as their on-prem cousins, and we cannot create/manage a DDL directly based on AAD Dynamic Group membership.

I wrote a small PowerShell script that queries Dynamic Group membership, then adds a specific label into one of the CustomAttribute fields in Exchange Online. The DDL's are then populated based on the contents of the CustomAttribute field. I manually run this script once a week. Obviously, this solution is not efficient or scalable.

I want to automate DDL management and understand there are a couple of methods. I could use Power Automate or Azure Automation. Ideally, I would like DDL membership to update in real-time as users are added to or removed from a Dynamic Group. I'm here today to ask the community which is the best method? Are there other methods that I'm missing?

Thank you for your time.

Edit: Adding this script excerpt:

Write-Output "Compiling list of employees"  
Write-Output "Resetting Exchange customattribute fields 1 thru 3 for all users"  
$all = Get-AzureADGroupMember -ObjectId "<all_employee_dynamic_group>" -all $true  #Group name is "<all_emp>"  
$all | Foreach-Object {  
    set-mailbox -identity $_.UserPrincipalName -customattribute1 $null -customattribute2 $null -customattribute3 $null  
Write-Output "Reset complete"  
# Set customattribute 1 to 'US' for US-based employees  
Write-Output "Compiling list of US-based employees"  
$us = Get-AzureADGroupMember -ObjectId "<all_us_employee_dynamic_group>" -all $true  #Group name is "<all_us_emp>"  
Write-Output "Setting Exchange customattribute1 to 'US' for US-based employees"  
$us | foreach-object {  
    set-mailbox -identity $_.UserPrincipalName -customattribute1 "US"  
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Microsoft Exchange Online Management
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    @Shawn Goodwin

    If you cannot use the Azure Dynamic Distribution Group filter for Exchange online. Use the CustomAttribute field as a staging will be the most suitable workaround for your tenant. (The best one is finding whether there exist suitable filer field for Exchange online: -RecipientFilter, there exist may fields for using)

    If there doesn't exist suitable filter for "-RecipientFilter", you may need to run your script to modify CustomAttribute for copy relationship between Azure AD and Exchange online. The command below may could improve some efficiency (Force Exchange online Dynamic Distribution Group update members based on the filter that you created):

    Set-DynamicDistributionGroup -Identity <DDGIdentity> -ForceMembershipRefresh  

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  1. Shawn Goodwin 156 Reputation points

    @KyleXu-MSFT - I tried posting this as a reply to your last. For some reason, the page would not take it. I'm making it another "answer."

    The AAD dynamic groups were setup prior to the DDLs. Those AAD dynamic groups are built using AAD user profile data (department, city, country, manager, etc). That data is managed from our HR dept through the WorkDay service.

    When I started developing the DDLs, I did NOT know the -recipient filter memberof would NOT work between AAD and Exchange Online like it does between regular AD and Exchange on-prem. Hence the script I built. I also did not know the AAD ExtensionAttribute# would sync with Exchange Online CustomAttribute#.

    Obviously, we're trying to keep this as automated as possible. I don't know if WorkDay has any fields that would map to AAD ExtensionAttribute fields. Even if they did, trying to explain to HR folks what should go in those fields and why would be challenging. Additionally, manually updating the ExtensionAttribute fields defeats the purpose of the automation.

    Given all that, I think I see a light at the end of the tunnel. I can write a script to update each user's ExtensionAttribute# based on their profile data. Then use the ExtensionAttribute to CustomAttribute sync to manage the DDLs. Of course, this still requires the script to run periodically, which brings me back to my original question. Which automation tool do you think is better suited for this task, Azure Automation or Flow or some other tool I'm missing?

    BTW, I understand you're showing automation options WITHIN AAD and Exchange. I just don't see a way forward to manage DDLs WITHOUT using some sort of script or 3rd-party tool.

    Thank you for your help!