In the custom question answering rest api update QNA operation sometimes returns - Authoring have exceeded rate limit of your current Text AnalyticS pricing tier. Please retry after N seconds

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I am having a free trial account and created a language service and enabled custom question answering.
While I am updating the existing QNAs through the rest API sometimes I am getting
"Requests to the Update QnAs Job Status Operation under Question Answering API 2021-10-01 - Authoring have exceeded rate limit of your current Text Analytics pricing tier. Please retry after 10 seconds. Please contact Azure support service if you would like to further increase the default rate limit."
My language service pricing tier is standard, only one request is going to custom question answering only but why this error is showing? if I waited around 40-50 seconds for the next update then it showing no issues. From my understanding subsequent update is having problem please note that I am updating the next entry after the completion of custom question answering update job. I am not sending any requests while the custom question answering update job is running.

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