DNS: View of "Update associated pointer record"

Stark, Tobias 1 Reputation point

Hello everyone,

we have the situation that our DNS View has a strange behavior.
When we open the DNS Console with two different Users (same permissions) and open the properties of a DNS Record in the Forward-Lookup Zone, we see different settings. User A sees that the Option for "Update associated pointer record (PTR)" is checked, while User B see that it's unchecked.

Any Idea what would cause this behavior and is there a powershell command to check Records for this specific Option?

Settings for the DNS Zone are Set to only Secure Dynamic Updates and the Records come from Server-Systems with no DHCP in the network.

thanks a lot!

Windows DHCP
Windows DHCP
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  1. Dave Patrick 426.4K Reputation points MVP

    Might check in the top left hand pane that the users have the MMC connected to the same servers.

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  2. Stark, Tobias 1 Reputation point

    yes they are connected to the same server.

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  3. Dave Patrick 426.4K Reputation points MVP

    What problem is this causing? The checkbox is an option to update, nothing more. It does not show you whether the associated PTR record is dynamic or static, it simply lets you update when you modify the A record.

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