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  • Launch 3rd party apps from our UWP app: We will have information on which app to open, however, in spite of trying out different solutions we have not been able to find a solution that is compatible with UWP. We have tried launching 3rd party apps using package ID, family name over powershell, DLL and batch files. The option we think works here is usage of family name to open/launch 3rd party apps. Technical design referred to in this link ( is what we have followed and still face issues. Can someone please help provide inputs for this as below:
  • We have the .bat file that will open third party app from our UWP app, we are able to call this bat file using windows application. But this is not working from UWP app. How can we solve this issue?
  • Are there any other options to tap into other than mentioned in this point? Our UWP app is required to open apps that are installed on the device.
    1. Share data from 3rd part apps to our UWP app: When a user is working on an app (like MS Word), allow users to select an option to share the doc in use with our app, for which we found that Add-ins would help. However, we are not able to extend the add-ins to other apps, like adobe acrobat, photoshop. Can someone please provide inputs on the below:
      Are there other options other than add-ins that will help users share data to our app from within 3rd party apps?
Universal Windows Platform (UWP)
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