Weird HTML/Browser DPI scaling issue via Windows RDP

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I have been experiencing a very strange RDP display issue for some months now:

Using my HP laptop (17" 1600x900 pixels) as RDP client, remote Web-based apps are rendered zoomed/up-scaled.

  • Independent of remote computer or VM (tested 3x Windows 10, 2x Server 2012, Server 2016)
  • Only HTML content is affected, desktop applications and OS components render normally
  • Affected are all (!) browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Edge) and Web/Electron-based apps like Teams Client, Visual Studio Code
  • Only remote: local apps/browsers on the laptop work fine
  • Re-Installing Win10 and even a clean install of Win11 on the laptop changed nothing
  • Alternative RDP clients on Windows all behave the same
  • Same faulty display with TeamViewer (!)
  • If running Linux (Ubuntu) on the client laptop, RDP display is OK(!)

The laptop is a HP 17-bs0xx with Intel Core i3 and Intel HD 620 graphics.

This screenshot shows the scaled resolution in FF full-screen 1600x900 using JS and document.(inner|outer)(Width|Height):
(See attachments for the same page in Chrome and Edge)


This is not only annoying, but makes it impossible to develop web apps on a remote system via RDP.
Many apps switch from desktop to a mobile view.

This is how the Office 365 home page looks like (again, full-screen 1600x900):


Findings and conclusions I have so far:

  • I found nothing on the net describing the exact same behavior (HTML-only up-scaling with all engines)
  • It's a client issue - only one laptop used as client is concerned, all other machines interconnect fine
  • It's a Windows (10+11) issue - a Linux RDP client works just fine
  • Setting the resolution manually in the RDP client doesn't help

In the RDP session to a VM, WMI reports the resolution correctly:


I'm really looking forward to any help you can give!


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