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I have jobs running on Autosys and these are supposed to kick off ADF pipeline. There were 5 different jobs that would run. Occasionally two would never kick off on ADF, even though the Autosys job completed successfully. In the last week, only 2 jobs have been running. The same two jobs. The other 3 have not run.

Any suggestions or ideas to try or something to check?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Salomon Henriquez 106 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    I have 5 data factory jobs that are triggered by Autosys jobs and 5 jobs that are time-triggered in data factory.

    The time-based data factory triggers run as expected. The Autosys jobs always successfully run in the Autosys portal, but sometimes the job never kicks off in ADF. Seems there was a failure in communication between Autosys and ADF. Autosys completed successfully but didn’t tell ADF to run.

    To solve the issue, we set all of the jobs to run on time-based ADF triggers so we have 14 time based ADF triggers and some jobs may run twice because the Autosys job runs and kicks off the manual trigger and the ADF time based triggers run as well.

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