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Hello so as a MS Registered Refurbisher, now licensing Windows through Third Party MAR. We are continuously running into Business PCs that are enrolled in the MS Auto-Pilot program. Which after the time consuming process of Refurbishing then loading a unit with our WDS(deployment server) after installing the OS and all required drivers then sysprepping the unit before the unit is being sent to the customer. Only for the customer to receive the unit and go through the MS OOBe only to be greeted with the auto pilot window needing a email address from that company. Now I know that we have to have that company unenroll the unit from their auto pilot program. But this is becoming a very time consuming process, which is cutting into work, time and delays to our customers! Please either determine a quicker way to have these units unenrolled or a tool we can add to the WDS that maybe let's us know the unit is enrolled, so we do not waste more time.

Windows Autopilot
Windows Autopilot
A collection of Microsoft technologies used to set up and pre-configure new devices and to reset, repurpose, and recover devices.
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