Application Deployment Evaluation Cycle - Frequency

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The default cycle is 7 days. We want to set it to 1. How do I evaluate whether or not the 1-day cycle is creating a performance bottleneck?

Microsoft Configuration Manager
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  1. Sherry Kissinger 4,051 Reputation points

    To me, a 'performance bottleneck' is subjective. That frequency is how often a client re-evaluates. What would be affected would be, for example... let's say that you have a client which tries, and fails, every 7 days to install a required application. So once a week that human gets that failure, and due to apathy, doesn't call your helpdesk. just "deals with the error showing up every 7 days".

    Once you switch it to a daily re-eval, that human might just call the helpdesk now, to report it's failing and "tries every day".

    Alternatively, if you have someone that reports weekly "Widgets failed to install again this week". If you change it to daily re-eval failures, that someone will likely start to get irate about the daily failures now.

    Remember, Applications are state based. If a client re-evaluates all 20 apps they deserve, and all 20 are still installed just fine, there will be NO new state messages going from the client to the server. Since there are no new messages, there is no possibility of a performance bottleneck. The client doesn't resend a message like "Hey, yesterday I had this.. and today I still have it, but here's a new state message about how I still have it". The client doesn't do that. Only for "changes in state" are new state messages sent up.

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