Extracting Specific value within String via powershell

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Attaching the sample file257559-tempfile.txt

sample image:

I need to extract the string values encapsulated between the "name": "<<>>",
meaning in image example I need to output to be wait2 and wait3.

I have tried the below code via regex expression but I am not getting the required output. Am I doing something wrong in my below code or there is an another way to achieve it?

 $Pattern='"name": "(.*?)",'  
$ListNm= ([regex]::Matches((Get-Content $TempFilePath),$pattern).groups|Where-Object Name -EQ '1').Value  

where TempFilePath is the location where the file is located.

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    That data look like it's JSON. but it won't pass validation.

    If all you're looking for is the correct syntax to accomplish the extraction of the value of every property named "name", regardless of where it exists in the structured data, then this should do it:

    $x = get-content c:\junk\something.json -raw   
    $Pattern='"name": "(.*?)",'  
    $ListNm= ( ([regex]::Matches($x,$pattern) ).groups | Where-Object {$_.Name -EQ '1'}).value  
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