WinUI3: Can we get Drop event on a textblock by dragging a textblock on it?

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I'm trying to achieve Drag and drop for my grid. Each cell in the grid is a TextBlock
I wanted to get an experience like Dragging a textblock on another and them exchanging their places. So I stared with basic steps.
Here is My XAML code
I was able to drag a textbox, but I have the following queries

  1. What does the stop symbol[Which came when dragging in the above example]mean? Does it mean that the target area is not a valid Drop Target?
  2. While I did drag on the Debit textblock to the credit textblock, I was able to capture events like DragEntered, and DragOver in the credit textblock, but I was unable to Capture a drop event, How do capture a textblock drop on another TextBlock?Is it possible to do so?

I'm trying to achieve this in C++, was not able to find a good drag-and-drop example in C++, It would be of great help if you could help me with this.

Thank you

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    (I tested in C# because it takes hours to compile C++/WinRT on my OS..)

    In DragOver event of the destination TextBlock, I set e.AcceptedOperation = Windows.ApplicationModel.DataTransfer.DataPackageOperation.Copy;
    Then I receive Drop event on the destination TextBlock (with "Unknown" text in my test) :


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