Acquiring access token using MSAL for JAVA

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we used ADAL 4J for a couple of years now and it worked fine. Now we're migrating to MSAL. Our flow is:

  1. Acquire Token using Username & Password via PublicClientApplication
  2. Use the token to get User related information via Graph API and I can't get it to work because it always throws the following error: java.lang.ClassCastException: java.util.Collections$SingletonList (loaded by <bootstrap>) cannot be cast to java.lang.String (loaded by <bootstrap>)
    at com.nimbusds.oauth2.sdk.util.URLUtils.serializeParameters(
    at java.util.concurrent.CompletableFuture$

That happens when IAuthenticationResult.get() is called. This is the code snipped which is used to aquire the token:

 private static IAuthenticationResult getAccessTokenFromUserCredentials(String username, String password) throws Exception {  
 IAuthenticationResult result;  

 UserNamePasswordParameters parameters = UserNamePasswordParameters.builder(Collections.singleton("User.Read"), username, password.toCharArray()).build();  

 PublicClientApplication application = PublicClientApplication.builder(clientId).build();  

 result = application.acquireToken(parameters).get();  

 if (result == null) {  
 throw new ServiceUnavailableException("authentication result was null");  

 return result;  

Is there anything obvious I am missing?

updated code snipped based on github example:

            try {  
                SilentParameters silentParameters =  
                // Try to acquire token silently. This will fail on the first acquireTokenUsernamePassword() call  
                // because the token cache does not have any data for the user you are trying to acquire a token for  
                result = pca.acquireTokenSilently(silentParameters).join();  
                LOGGER.debug("AzureAPI | AuthenticationService | getAccessTokenFromUserCredentials | acquireTokenSilently call succeeded");  
            } catch (Exception ex) {  
                if (ex.getCause() instanceof MsalException) {  
                    System.out.println("==acquireTokenSilently call failed: " + ex.getCause());  
                    UserNamePasswordParameters parameters =  
                                    .builder(Collections.singleton("User.Read"), username, password.toCharArray())  
                    // Try to acquire a token via username/password. If successful, you should see  
                    // the token and account information printed out to console  
                    result = pca.acquireToken(parameters).join();  
                    LOGGER.debug("AzureAPI | AuthenticationService | getAccessTokenFromUserCredentials | username/password flow succeeded");  
                } else {  
                    // Handle other exceptions accordingly  
                    throw ex;  
            return result;  
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