Windows errors (or general popups) disappear because I am typing anything (Word Doc, Email, etc)

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I am curious why, after decades of Windows errors and popups, can't Windows detect when I am in the middle of typing and WAIT to send me that popup message (or maybe popup in the background instead of the front) until I am done typing or maybe just "lock" my typing until Windows sees that I am paying attention to the popup?

Here is the scenario:

  • I am typing an email and have something going on in the background, let's say a file transfer.
  • Something happens with the files (I don't know, maybe I get the "the file no longer exists" error that I occasionally get when working with online vs offline files in OneDrive)
  • Popup appears to let me know "something" happened, but since I am typing, the space bar or enter key is the "OK" button on the popup... and the popup goes away as soon as it pops up

Now I have no idea what happened or if I need to do anything because I don't know what the popup said or what I may have agreed to (are you sure you want to overwrite all of the files? Sure! Why not! I am only typing an email :) ).

Any suggestions? Is there a setting I need to turn on, or has someone created a popup saver app or something?

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