Azure load balancer backend pools stuck in Stopped (Deallocated) state

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I've recently created a load balancer with 2 different frontend IP configurations, and 2 backend pools, each associated with 2 different private IPs on 2 different VMs. From everything I can tell, it's set up properly. The problem is though that the backend pools are in Stopped (Deallocated) state, and I cannot figure out how to Start them. Unlike VMs, there's no Start button. I've compared the new load balancer's configuration to an existing working load-balancer, and I don't see any differences in the way it is configured (other than having different NICs/IPs bound to it and it's pools of course). Is there an error I can look up somewhere to help debug this? Or am I just missing something obvious like a Start button?.

Azure Load Balancer
Azure Load Balancer
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    Thanks but it turns out that the only reason they were in that state was that the servers they were load balancing were stopped. Much appreciated