Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter PIN with every use

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I'm at a school with about 50 of these devices.

Has anyone found a way to secure these devices in order to prevent students from connecting to them?

I am aware there in a PIN feature which displays a one time code for a new device however any one who can see the screen will be able to connect.

We need it to be more secure, requiring a PIN with every use.
The same PIN every time

We are running the most up-to-date firmware.

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    Unfortunately, it is not possible to set a fixed PIN with the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter. The PIN feature is designed to display a one-time code for a new device to connect, and it cannot be configured to require a PIN with every use.

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    However, there are some possible workarounds you could consider:

    1. Limit access to the devices: One way to prevent unauthorized users from connecting to the devices is to limit access to them physically. You could place the devices in a locked cabinet or mount them out of reach of students. This would prevent unauthorized access to the devices.
    2. Change the default network name: By default, the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter uses a network name that includes "MicrosoftDisplayAdapter" followed by a random string of characters. You could change the network name to something unique and difficult to guess. This would make it more difficult for unauthorized users to identify the device and attempt to connect to it.
    3. Use a separate network: You could create a separate network for the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter and restrict access to this network. This would prevent unauthorized users from accessing the network and attempting to connect to the device.
    4. Use a different wireless display solution: If security is a major concern, you may want to consider using a different wireless display solution that offers more robust security features. There are several wireless display solutions available on the market that offer additional security features such as PIN protection, password protection, and encryption.
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