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Hi all,

I am concerned about my network results shown in WPA.

Two questions:

1) As you can see on attached screenshot, I send UDP packets to 128 tick game server with expected rate and I can assume that my NIC is working fine, but is it normal that I receive UDP packets with such a low rate? It looks like they are delivered to me every 4-5 seconds and by this I don't receive reliable informations about my enemies ie. unreliable location or so called "desync".

2) What is the difference between tracking UDP packets/traffic in Wireshark and WPA? Wireshark shows more or less 1:1 ratio to sent and received packets and I don't understand why WPA barely "detects" UDP.



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Windows 10 Network
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    Hello ultraKnur,

    These WPA results are indeed just a result of how the events are attributed to specific processes.

    Some events include thread and process ID information in the event header, but the UdpIp events contain the value -1 in these fields. WPA is using context switch information to remember which process and thread is running on each CPU and is using that information to associate the UdpIp events to processes/threads.

    That is OK for send events, because they normally happen in the context of the sending process, but does not work for receive events because they happen in the context of whichever process/thread was interrupted to handle the receive interrupt or DPC.


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