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Hi there. We are using two different ESP’s for our b2b and b2c emails (SFMC and SendGrid). SendGrid for b2b is new, moving away from Pardot. Can I check if I should add the new domain (SendGrid) to our existing SNDS account that already has the SFMC domain, or if I should create a separate SNDS account for the new SendGrid domain? Are there any pros or cons to having both domains on one SNDS account? We've had quite a few yellow days in the filter result recently for the existing SFMC domain, whereas it's mostly been green before. Also the complaint rate has gone up a few days over the last few weeks from 0.1% to 0.2%, 0.3% and one day 0.5%. If I add the new SendGrid domain will this filter result impact the new domain at all by being registered on the same postmaster account? Would it be better to log it on a separate account?

Also do you have any advice for how to get the complaint rate down and the filter result back to green?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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    I am also looking for a definitive answer on the question you are asking. My experiences with SNDS lead me to believe that separate accounts would be best.

    Here is my setup:
    I run multiple websites (different domains). Each website runs on a dedicated ip and sends a newsletter from that ip. Those ip's are added to 1 SNDS account.
    I send the newsletters typically on different days. For example: website 1 on monday, website 2 on wednesday and so on. My ips have been green for months.
    Also note that a reason for a yellow ip can be that your sending schedule is altered. snds support confirmed this to me.

    So last week I sent the website 1 newsletter on monday. (IP=green) Then on wednesday I sent the website 2 newsletter. Due to circumstances I had a lot of new content on website 1 that I wanted to share with my subscribers so I also sent an extra newsletter for website 1 on wednesday. The result was yellow ip's for website 1 AND website 2.

    This could ofcourse be a fluke. Or something related to the content of the newsletters.

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