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I trying to instrall a application Fiddler.

Install - "FiddlerSetup.exe" /S /D=C:\Program Files\Fiddler
Uninstall - "%programfiles%/fiddler/uninst.exe" /S

Detection Rule - File System

Path - %ProgramFiles%\Fiddler
File or Folder Name - Fiddler.exe

When I click install , I got error messages - 0x87D00324(-2016410844) --> Detection Error

How will i do to fix that ?

Gratefull for answer

// Jonas

Microsoft Configuration Manager Application
Microsoft Configuration Manager Application
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  1. Gideoney 446 Reputation points

    This may be due to the detection method.

    First of all, your installation command is unique and error-free.

    Secondly, I noticed that you installed the application in the specified location. But have you taken into account that it has its own installation folder. Perhaps you can change the unstallation command and detection method to the following:

    Uninstall - "%programfiles%/fiddler/fiddler/uninst.exe" /S

    Detection Rule - File System

    Path - %ProgramFiles%\Fiddler\Fiddler
    File or Folder Name - Fiddler.exe

    The image below is the silent installation method in Intune, which allows us to know the default installation path.

    For more information refer to the link:

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  1. Garth Jones 1,656 Reputation points MVP

    Is the install finished? If you wait a while show it show it is installed? Did you create a log for the install? What does the install log say?

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  2. Sherry Kissinger 4,051 Reputation points

    According to Error Lookup within cmtrace, -2016410844 literally means "The application was not detected after installation completed"

    So your detection logic is not working. When the installation is finished, when you manually physically look at the device, does the file of fiddler.exe actually exist in %ProgramFiles%\Fiddler?

    And is that the only detection rule? just the existence of the file? not "exists, and file version if greater than or equal to..." ?

    Another possibility...
    "how long" does it take to run FiddlerSetup.exe? (according to the logs). Because what COULD be happening is this...

    At exactly 08:00:00 FiddlerSetup.exe /S ... runs, and spawns another process, like msiexec, that ACTUALLY does the install.
    08:00:01 FiddlerSetup.exe closes... and CM Believes the app is done installing.
    08:00:02 CM does the detection logic, and nope: c:\program files\fiddler\fiddler.exe DOES NOT YET EXIST.
    08:01:00 the spawned process that fiddlersetup launched, NOW that is finally done, and sure, NOW, fiddler.exe exists in c:\program files\fiddler. But it's 58 seconds too late for CM to know about it--the detection logic has already checked, and it's not going to check again unless manually triggered to do so, or at the next application re-evaluation cycle (which out of the box is weekly).

    if that is the case (the setup.exe is spawning something else), you will want to contact the vendor to see what other command line switches exist for "wait until the spawned process is actually done", or google around for "how other people install fiddler".

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  3. Gideoney 446 Reputation points


    I'm writing to see if this method has solved your issue. If there's anything else we can help please feel free to let us know, we will do our best to help you.

    Thanks for your time and patience.