How many concurrent users can login to Azure VM using serial console ?

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There are multiple people who are currently using the serial console feature to login to the VM.
When I try to login to the VM using serial console, I can see that some other user is already logged in to the VM and their username is already visible in the form of

so, does it mean that serial console takes in only 1 concurrent user for the VM ?
If no, then how do I make sure that the while logging into the VM, it prompts to enter the username and password.

Thank you

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Azure Virtual Machines
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  1. srbhatta-MSFT 8,546 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hi @Nitish-M ,
    Yes, serial console can take only 1 user at a time.
    To add on to what @learn2skils has mentioned above, you can check the below image for your reference.
    Here I have two tabs opened of the serial console of the same VM by two different Azure Active Directory users (with Contributor level access).
    The two different AAD users are - Mark and Tony.
    Mark has already established a serial console session using a local administrator account, so when Tony opens the serial console session, Tony is also logged into Mark's local admin account, whereas Mark's serial console session gets disconnected.


    Similarly, if Mark would have logged in using his domain joined user account, then Tony would have viewed something like mark@vm_name, and Mark's serial console session would have got disconnected.

    Hope this further clarifies your query. Thanks :)

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  1. SUNOJ KUMAR YELURU 14,011 Reputation points MVP

    Hi @Nitish-M

    Yes, can connect one concurrent user for VM.

    Concurrent usage - If a user is connected to the serial console and another user successfully requests access to that same virtual machine, the first user will be disconnected and the second user connected to the same session.

    The serial console can only be accessed by using the Azure portal and is allowed only for those users who have an access role of Contributor or higher to the VM or virtual machine scale set.

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