Auto rollback on Cosmos DB using ADF (Azure Data Factory)

Devashish Parmar (BLR GSS) 86 Reputation points

I want to ask what will happen if I am using a ADF pipeline to load data to Cosmos DB and the pipeline fails in between. Will the partial transactions commit or rollback?

For example, there are 100 documents that I am loading using ADF pipeline and the job fails in between (for any reason) when it has already processed 60 documents. My question is will the 60 documents auto commit or will it rollback all the 60 documents.

If the answer is 'Auto commit' then how can I perform a auto rollback in case of failure.?

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  1. Nandan Hegde 31,346 Reputation points MVP

    Based on my understanding ADF doesnt have any sort of transactions for any sink aspects directly.
    you would have to create a custom method yourself

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