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ASP.NET app with MySQL working locally but not when deployed on Linux Azure Server with Database. Also Web App works without database on Windows Server.

Here's the log with error. The app is called VerbalImagesInLiterature but in log it sais Verbal is missing and I cannot find anything named Verbal in my app.

2022-11-09T09:38:07.891898026Z / \
2022-11-09T09:38:07.891904626Z / /\ _ / | _ _/ \
2022-11-09T09:38:07.891908827Z / | \/ /| | /| | \/\
2022-11-09T09:38:07.891912827Z _
| / ___/ || __ >
2022-11-09T09:38:07.891917127Z \/ \/ \/
2022-11-09T09:38:07.891920827Z A P P S E R V I C E O N L I N U X
2022-11-09T09:38:07.891931028Z Documentation:
2022-11-09T09:38:07.891934528Z Dotnet quickstart:
2022-11-09T09:38:07.891938028Z ASP .NETCore Version: 6.0.8
2022-11-09T09:38:07.891941628Z Note: Any data outside '/home' is not persisted
2022-11-09T09:38:09.948611795Z Starting periodic command scheduler: cron.
2022-11-09T09:38:09.948640096Z Running oryx create-script -appPath /home/site/wwwroot -output /opt/startup/ -defaultAppFilePath /defaulthome/hostingstart/hostingstart.dll -bindPort 8080 -userStartupCommand 'dotnet Verbal Images in Literature.dll'
2022-11-09T09:38:10.265349671Z Cound not find build manifest file at '/home/site/wwwroot/oryx-manifest.toml'
2022-11-09T09:38:10.265375772Z Could not find operation ID in manifest. Generating an operation id...
2022-11-09T09:38:10.265380673Z Build Operation ID: dc654422-9ba3-4fd3-8a63-d3ed75a00ef4
2022-11-09T09:38:11.003725984Z Agent extension ~2
2022-11-09T09:38:11.003732884Z Before if loop >> DotNet Runtime
2022-11-09T09:38:11.085854276Z DotNet Runtime 6.0Writing output script to '/opt/startup/'
2022-11-09T09:38:11.166621010Z Running user provided startup command...
2022-11-09T09:38:11.231300361Z The command could not be loaded, possibly because:
2022-11-09T09:38:11.231339362Z You intended to execute a .NET application:
2022-11-09T09:38:11.231346162Z The application 'Verbal' does not exist.
You intended to execute a .NET SDK command:
2022-11-09T09:38:11.231462267Z No .NET SDKs were found.

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The -userStartupCommand 'dotnet Verbal Images in Literature.dll' is coming from the startup command under Configuration blade, General. Not sure how that may have gotten there but you can clear it or set it the web project output you want to have run on your app service. With your basic web app, you don't have to set this, and the platform will automatically detect the binary, so my guess is this was set incidentally.


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Thank you!

Got me on the track to fixing the problem. The startup command was generating automatically and even after I changed went back to having a space in between the words so I had to rename my project in Visual Studio not to have spaces.

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