Azure Translator - How to use Japanese (Zenkaku) brackets/parenthesis?

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We are enclosing UI strings, like a button name, in Zenkaku brackets in Japanese. I trained my EN to JA project using our TM where all the UI strings are in Japanese style of "[]". After the training, the translation quality was improved based on our styles and terminologies. But the brackets used are still in the English style.

Source1: Click Users.
TM imported for training: [ユーザー]をクリックします。 == Japanese style "[]"
MT result: [ユーザー]をクリックします。 == English style "[]"

Source2: Thursday, March 17, 2022
TM imported for training: 2022年3月17日(木) == Japanese style "()"
MT result: 2022年3月17日(木) == English style "()"

How I can tell my Custom MT to use Japanese style brackets/parentheses?

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