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Today I had an update of 22H2 and windows defender which ended up in a BSOD after a restart. I think it was due to the defender update as it hung after installing to 100%. Luckily, I restored to the previous day and haven't updated defender.

However, my problem is this. I use Windows Explorer to browse my Synology NAS. In one of the folders on the NAS I have hundreds of youtube videos. Before the crash I could browse the folder and it would show the picture of the video. Now it shows a video music Icon for about 10 seconds and then switches to the picture. Any ideas to why this is occurring. TIA

P.S. "Microsoft should be ashamed, releasing a blank update 22H2 for windows 10."

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Windows 10
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  1. ChetanKochhar-5634 306 Reputation points

    Hi Steven,

    We refer to Inbuilt Utility tasks as Disk Clean-up/Disk defragmentation/Intel/motherboard/BIOS updates/any crucial hardware update or tasks performed using a cmd or powershell.

    You can refer below-mentioned troubleshooting steps for the other concern or try to repair specific file types.

    Clear/remove all temporary files from the temp folder.
    Perform a SFC purge cache using "sfc /purgecache" command in cmd-administrator.
    Perform a disk cleanup.
    Remove/uninstall unnecessary apps from programs and features.
    Scan the PC using Windows Defender.
    Uninstall relevant drivers from the device manager.
    Restart and update drivers.
    Check if the machine is connected to a domain network or not. (Commercial network/VPN)
    Remove the previously linked, unwanted devices.
    Perform a SFC scan using "sfc /scannow" command in cmd-administrator.
    Perform a clean boot and test the system/application.
    Boot the machine in a safe mode and test the system/application.
    Test the system/applications by turning off the firewall
    Test the system using a different hardware/device.
    Try restoring the PC using the previous restore point. (If applicable)
    Repair the machine using system recovery. (If required provided you should know how to do that)


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  1. ChetanKochhar-5634 306 Reputation points

    Hi Steven,

    It has been observed that if you restart a Windows machine while performing an inbuilt utility task, it ends up in BSOD. Please ensure that you restart your machine after an inbuilt utility task is completed.

    Answer to your second question, please ensure that there is no corruption in your machine and perform general troubleshooting steps to overcome such problems.


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  2. Steven Maguire 251 Reputation points

    By, "inbuit utility task, "you're referring to an update." If so, I waited for 30 minutes and noticed the machine was locked up, not responding. As for the second issue that was created by the first. what troubleshooting steps are you referring to?

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  3. Steven Maguire 251 Reputation points


    Thank you very much for your extensive post. The problem is mostly resolved as SFC /SCANNOW did find and repair a few items. The only item I could not do was SFC /purgecache as it said from the options that it does list wasn't one of them. I did run SFC /SCANNOW this am and it came out with no errors

    I remembered and also ran the following two instances of DISM:

    DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth
    DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth

    Again, Thank you!!