How do i navigate into subfolders using MSGraphAPI

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So i was finally able to list the contents of a folder that exists in a sharepoint drive in a manner that i wished using the below msgraph url


The above http request lists the folders in the manner i wish to see them...

For example, i get an array such as :
id: "xxx",
"name": "Summer 2022",
"webUrl": "https://xxxx",
This array contains only the items within the root of the folder, which is exactly what i need.

However, i am building an web app where i want to create an html button/link that when clicked, it will list the contents of the folders.
Very similar to how 'file explorer" or "finder" in mac functions.

In finder/explorer, You double click folder, you see the contents.. if you click another folder inside.. you see the contents... and so on.

However, i am not sure how to do this using msgraph... i do not know how to "chain".

i wish to do something like this:{guid}/drives/{parentFolder}/root/children{guid}/drives/{parentFolder}/{PicturesFolder}/root/children{guid}/drives/{parentFolder}/{PicturesFolder}/{Summer2022Folder}/root/children{guid}/drives/{parentFolder}/{PicturesFolder}/{Summer2022Folder}/{BeachPhotosFolder}/root/children

hopefully you get the idea...

I just do not know what msgraph api url's to use.

I also need to create a "back" button that will go back up to the parent folder.. so when i click this html back button.. it will go one step back (very simliar to how file-explorer/finder does it)

any help would be great

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    Hello @OldButYoungDev

    Thanks for reaching out!

    You can use{site-id}/drives/{drive-id}/items/{folder-id}/children endpoint to list down the children of a folder in the drive. Please note that here folder-id is nothing but an item-id.

    In above endpoint, you need to pass parentfolderID of a folder for which you need to list down the children. Post that, you can replace the parentfolderID with the childFolderID, which will further list the children of childFolder. More precisely, you need to make multiple calls to get into the last child folder.

    Steps to follow:{site-id}/drives/{drive-id}/root/children - will list all the children of drive,

    followed by{site-id}/drives/{drive-id}/items/{folder-id}/children OR{site-id}/drives/{drive-id}/items/{item-id}

    Screenshot for reference:


    Hope I have answered your query.

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  1. Zehui Yao_MSFT 5,846 Reputation points

    Hi @OldButYoungDev , another option is that you can open the subfolders in the folder in turn through the method:{site-id}/drives/{drive-id}/root:/{FolderName}/{subfolder1Name}/{subfolder2Name}:/children  

    which like this:

    And you can get files in subfolders by:{site-id}/drives/{drive-id}/root:/{FolderName}/{subfolder1Name}/{subfolder2Name}/{fileName}  

    Hope this can help. Best Wishes.

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    thank you so much guys! Helped out a lot.. wish i can give you both guys ACCEPT AS ANSWER. thank you!

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