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How to add IoTHub in Networking port rules of a VM

I want to add the IoT Hub and Azure Container Registry in the Destination of Outbound port rule of a azure VM where IoT Edge runtime is installed, so that IoT Edge can send data only to specific IoT Hub. I tried by adding the hostname of the IoT Hub but it is not helping. Providing Any in the destination is working but I want the port to be accessible only to IoT Hub.259934-screenshot-145.png

Please let me know if there is a way to achieve this.

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@SatyamChauhan-7119 Can you add more details about your query for further help?

I tried by adding the hostname of the IoTHub but it is not helping

How exactly you have added the destination? which port you have added? Can you share screenshot for better understanding?

Did you see IoT Hub support for virtual networks with Private Link and Managed Identity and Configure an IoT Edge device to act as a transparent gateway not helpful?

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@AshokPeddakotla-MSFT I have updated the details about the query.

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@SatyamChauhan-7119 Thanks for sharing the additional details. We are looking into this issue and update you as earliest. Appreciate your time and patience.
Meanwhile, please check this similar thread which addressed Inbound and outbound NSG rules for IoT edge Virtual Machine to connect with Azure IoT Hub and see if it helps to resolve your query.

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