Connection Issues Using Access Keys - Failing Locally not on azure

Dirk Grobler 1 Reputation point

I have a WebJob that is connecting to a queue on a storage account recompfiles while I debugged 2 days ago everything worked, from yesterday (11/11/2022) it just stopped working with the error: Please make sure your credentials are correct

The scenario above occurred locally at first, then without updating any code on the WebApp it also gave this error (once trying to start it up after I debugged locally)
The WebJobb started working again after 10 or so restarts but locally still broken

I have tried the below

  • Copied and pasted multiple storage account connection access keys in and also re-created a clean project with the WebJob template and still same issue.
  • Recreated a new storage account to connect to, but also got the same error.
  • I do not want to touch the WebJob as I am unsure if it will start up again.
  • Upgraded all packages to the newest versions
  • Tried to sync keys with the error below.
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