Catch OneDrive notifications through socketio

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Hi All!

I would like to catch notifications of changes that occur on my personnal OneDrive Storage with a nodeJs code.
I followed the steps provided by the documentation here :

1 - Retrieve the notification URL with the request

2 - Catch notifications with the following nodejs ( v16.17.1) script launched from an on-premise server:

io = require("")  
var notificationUrl = "<notificationURL_retrieved_from_the_first_request>"  
var socket = io(notificationUrl);  
socket.on("connect", () => console.log("Connected!"));  
socket.on("connect_error", (data) => console.log("Connect Error:", data));  
socket.on("notification", (data) => console.log("Notification!", data));  

Result is the following error:

Connect Error: TransportError: xhr poll error

What is missing ?


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