If cell range contains certain value then input value from other cell

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Howdy frens :)

I'll do my best to explain what I need. I do the scheduling for a hospital. We have multiple different sheets. One we call a cheat sheet that has basically a weekly calendar with a column down the left with RN #1 - #5 for each day, and same for each night (over-simplification ofc). We also have sheets that are basically a call list that have the info of each RN, phone number, what shifts they work, units trained on etc., and then what they work for next two weeks, plus if they've been called that day for a shift. Well.. I say we, they all use paper still.. but I've made all the sheets into excel, but I know I could have them working even more efficiently.

I'm trying to find a formula that I place onto the call log for each day of the week (for example): a cell in the range D6:D22 - (lets say these are the blank cells for RN days and nights on Monday) - contains "Grigori" (or Nichole, or Amanda, or Steven etc.,), it will place the value from the cell directly beside it (so E6:E22) into the Monday cell for Grigori or whomever on the call log. The cell to the right of the blank cell that is for the Nurses name contains a drop down list of every possible shift they could be working. This way it automatically will transfer what they work from the weekly calendar onto the bi-weekly call-out list. Screenshots of both are below for visual aid. Thank you for your time! <3

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