After connecting Azure AD and then disconnecting it in Azure DevOps, I can no longer sign in to Azure Devops. Why not?

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I have an Azure DevOps instance associated with my Microsoft account. I also have an Azure Portal instance associated with the same account. I was trying to create a new Static Web App in Azure Portal using one of the projects in Azure DevOps, but the Portal said it couldn't generate a PAT. A quick search led me to believe I should connect Azure DevOps to Azure Portal via the Azure Active Directory option of Organization Settings in Azure DevOps ( I did that and tried to create the Static Web App again only this time none of my Azure DevOps projects were even available so I figured I had messed up somewhere. Back in Azure DevOps I disconnected the directory and was forced to logout.

I am no longer able to access my Azure DevOps instance at all. Other users can still access the instance so I know it's all still there, but I can't get in. I get a 401 message that says I don't have permission (when I log in with my Microsoft account) with a link to view my organizations. When I click that link I do actually see my Azure DevOps organization listed as being associated with Azure Active Directory still and that organization indicates that I am the owner of that organization, yet when I click on it I get the same 401 message again.

Obviously I messed something up and it may be as simple as I need to login to Azure DevOps as my Azure Active Directory user. The problem with that is I have no idea how to do that because as far as I can tell, the two accounts should be the same. I was logged into the Azure Portal with my Microsoft account and I was logged into Azure DevOps with the same Microsoft account.

I'm pretty desperate to regain access to my Azure DevOps instance ASAP so any help is appreciated.

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