Unable to find my subcription under Add Subscription for a tenant

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I'm new to Azure and I tried deploying to Azure app service from vs2019 and provided my subscription while deploying. When I opened Azure portal to check the deployed App Service, I could see the AppService was deployed in another new Tenant which i didn't want to. So i deleted the AppService and the tenant that got created. But after that I ran into a problem that I'm unable to find my subscription under Subscriptions in my original Directory. Also there is still the directory that got created automatically during deployment but when i switch to that I get the following message.

Request Id: 44e7669d-3a5b-43f4-87fa-d330a51fd901

Correlation Id: 87c9deb4-d7dd-48c0-abd7-bf27b66132c1

Timestamp: 2022-11-14T16:31:14Z

Message: AADSTS90002: Tenant 'd10d2e3d-fec8-40b4-9c1b-a7e8ef1fc153' not found. Check to make sure you have the correct tenant ID and are signing into the correct cloud. Check with your subscription administrator, this may happen if there are no active subscriptions for the tenant.

What should i do to get my subscription back as before? I believe i didnt unlinked the subscription from the deleted tenant before its deletion which caused this issue. Can you help me with this issue?260128-capture.jpg

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    It will be difficult to check and suggest as the process you have carried out might point that subscription got deleted and I can advice you to raise a support case with Microsoft.

    Hope this helps.

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    @Divakaran, Anil
    Thank you for the quick follow up on this and for providing more information so I can gain a better understanding of your issue!

    Because you deleted the tenant that your Azure subscription was linked to, I believe the best course of action to resolve your issue would be by working closer with our support team through an Azure Support Request. Our support team should be able to unlink your Azure subscription from the deleted tenant and link it to your desired Azure AD tenant.

    Can you see if you can create a Support Request without an Azure Subscription, if that isn't possible do you have other subscriptions that you can leverage?

    Additional Links:
    Associate or add an Azure subscription to your Azure Active Directory tenant
    Transfer an Azure subscription to a different Azure AD directory

    If you have any other questions, please let me know.
    Thank you for your time and patience throughout this issue.


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