Create and run a new cloud function when a VM is not connected to any network

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I have a question regarding func command. I am doing a test to see if we can create and run a new cloud function when a VM is not connected to any network. (the Azure Core Tools is already installed)

After disconnecting the VM from network, when I run func init or func new, I am getting this error. Is there any way to bypass checking the templates?

Failed to check update for Microsoft.Azure.WebJobs.ItemTemplates::4.0.2185: no NuGet feeds are configured or they are invalid.

I see that the func start works fine even its not connected to network.

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    I am summarizing the details discussed in the comments and providing an answer.

    The warning message can be ignored as the function host is starting and the http triggered function is running successfully. We see this message as the core tools might be checking for updates and failing due to lack of network connectivity.

    Please note that function core tools would work on local environment even when there is no internet connection. Please make sure to use latest version of function core tools

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