Creating a calendar event with showAs: unknown causes Outlook Web to crash when editing the event

Dominic Mazzoni 21 Reputation points

I discovered that if I try to create a new calendar event and I set "showAs": "unknown", the Graph API request succeeds, but when I try to edit that event in Outlook Web, I get an error.

To repro, just try to create an event with "showAs": "unknown". Here's some minimal Python code to demonstrate it; the only thing you'll have to fill in is the access token.

url = ''	  
headers = {'Authorization': 'Bearer ' + access_token,  
           'Content-Type': 'application/json'}  
data = """                                                                                                
      "end": {                                                                                            
        "dateTime": "2022-11-15T13:00:00",                                                                
        "timeZone": "Pacific Standard Time"                                                               
      "isAllDay": false,                                                                                  
      "start": {                                                                                          
        "dateTime": "2022-11-15T12:30:00",                                                                
        "timeZone": "Pacific Standard Time"                                                               
      "subject": "Who wants to crash outlook?",                                                           
      "showAs": "unknown"                                                                                 
r =, headers=headers, data=data)  
print(json.dumps(r.json(), indent=4))  

After running that code, click on the newly created event in Outlook (web), then Edit, then click More options.

I get the "Something went wrong" page with this error:

ErrorType: Component  
UTC Date: 2022-11-15T22:05:59.924Z  
Puid: 100320021E9972D6  
Client Id: A15DCED782B44A7EA5E96B198653DF55  
Session Id: 2ce57ae3-520a-4434-b67f-c10927b8b242  
Client Version: 20221104009.06  
BE Server: MN2PR13MB2638  

If I change "showAs" to "busy", "free", "oof", or anything else in the spec, everything works fine.

If I change "showAs" to "bogus" or 123 or anything that isn't one of the valid enum values, I get a MS Graph error (as expected).

Only "unknown" seems to cause a problem, as the Graph API happily accepts it, but Outlook crashes.

Microsoft Graph Calendar API
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  1. Bhanu Kiran 3,511 Reputation points

    Hello @Dominic Mazzoni ,

    After reproducing this issue, I understand that this requires further investigating with the help of logs, I would recommend you to raise a support case with Microsoft Graph, a Support Engineer will be able to assist you better. You can raise support ticket from: or .

    Hope this helps.

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