How to do a C++ CLR/.net ComboBox with 16,000 selections

Greg Wilson-Lindberg 121 Reputation points

I'm trying to do use a ComboBox to select a number that can be as high as 16000. I tried to enter 16000 lines for the Range, but it got truncated at something like 5647 entries. Is there a way to have something that works like a ComboBox that would allow me to have a range up to 16000. It doesn't have to be a ComboBox, I just need something that will allow me to select/display a number between 0 and 16000.


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  1. Michael Taylor 41,626 Reputation points

    That doesn't make sense to me. Why would you show a drop down with 16K items in it? Nobody would scroll down that list anyway. At best they would type in the number they want.

    My personal recommendation is to use a numeric up down control as defined here. That matches the expectation of most users in that they can enter a number or use the up/down arrows to quickly move up/down the numeric range.

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  2. Greg Wilson-Lindberg 121 Reputation points

    Ok, U p/Down is what I wanted. I'm new to working in a Windows environment. What I wanted is a NumericUpDown. I was looking through everything and didn't know the name for what I wanted. @Michael Taylor you gave me the information that I needed to find it.


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