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Milton Dorrielan 136 Reputation points

There a few machines within the MEMCM environment where ConfigMgr Client is recognized within MEMCM environment but it showing inactivity status under Client status within Monitoring Workspace. Site and services and Boundary group with distribution point setup for these Windows Clients seem to be correct. Also, I attempted to repair and reinstall ConfigMgr client locally on machines. Issue is still showing. Also, attempted to do a Client Push to reinstalling ConfigMgr client within MEMCM environment to machines with inactivity issues. Issue is still existed. Is there any other recommendations or feedback that can be provided.

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  1. answered 2020-10-01T19:15:22.24+00:00
    Milton Dorrielan 136 Reputation points

    No problem Alex, I will look into your recommendation and provide you feedback.

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  1. answered 2020-10-01T07:25:36.72+00:00
    AlexZhu-MSFT 3,616 Reputation points Microsoft Employee


    Sorry for missing this thread as the tag prefix has changed from "me-cm-" to "mem-cm-".

    We may check CcmNotificationAgent.log, for normal status, every 15 minitues, we will see "Sucessfully sent keep-alive message." as shown below. If the agent is inactive, we may see if there is any error information is this log.


    Hope the above information helps.

    Alex Zhu

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  2. answered 2020-09-27T22:04:50.337+00:00
    Nick Hogarth 3,411 Reputation points Microsoft MVP

    Have you reviewed the ccmmessaging.log and clientlocation.log and locationservices.log on the client to see if there are any issues with communication or assinging to a site?

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  3. answered 2020-09-28T19:05:52.81+00:00
    Milton Dorrielan 136 Reputation points


    I checked certain log files on the client and SCCM server side. I did not see any alarming messages from the logs. Thank you for the response though.

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