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I have a question about counting BILLABLE transactions.
I made a single call via RouteRequest object (via BingMapsRESTToolkit) and it counted me 3 BILLABLE instead of 1 (see the image)

In the following link it says that only 1 transaction is counted when use RESTRoutes

RESTRoutes -> Any time a Routes URL request is made to find a route, one (1) transaction is counted.

my code:

var request = new RouteRequest()
RouteOptions = new RouteOptions()
TravelMode = TravelModeType.Truck,
DistanceUnits = DistanceUnitType.Kilometers,
RouteAttributes = new List<RouteAttributeType>()
Optimize = RouteOptimizationType.Time,
MaxSolutions = 1,
Waypoints = new List<SimpleWaypoint>()
new SimpleWaypoint(){
Coordinate=new Coordinate(Convert.ToDouble(routing.StartLatitude), Convert.ToDouble(routing.StartLongitude)),
Address = routing.StartFormattedAddress
new SimpleWaypoint(){
Coordinate=new Coordinate(Convert.ToDouble(routing.EndLatitude), Convert.ToDouble(routing.EndLongitude)),
Address = routing.EndFormattedAddress
BingMapsKey = bingMapsKey,
Culture = lang,

var response = await request.Execute((remainingTime) =>
if (remainingTime > -1)


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    A truck routing request generates 3 billable transactions. It's listed in that document you linked to:


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