How to seperate and transmit 2 out of 8 audio channels?

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I have a mic without any specific driver. When I plug it in this driver get selected by Windows 10:

Microfonarray (SmartIC Audio Device), Version: 10.0.17763.1 (8 Channels)

When I try to apply it on a web app in chrome browser the sound get distored.

So I ran Audacity for analysis:

  • 2 channels with strong signal (stereo channels my guess)
  • 4 channels with weak signal (origins from the 4 mics in the array)
  • 2 channels without any signal

Obviously all signals get transmitted to the browser simultaniously and the distortion is coming from overlaying the signals.

My plan now is to capture the first 2 good channels. But I don't know how to do best.

The driver that get applied currently takes all 8 channels and does not provide any option to select channels. Neither in chrome one has the option to select channels.

My questions:

Does anyone know an alternative driver?

If there isn't another driver:

Does anyone know a tool (can be CLI) that could be installed on top to mute the channels 3 to 6?

If there isn't any tool available:

What was the best way to program it? Can you tell about a SDK for Windows? I am new to audio programming and need basic information and tutorials. As I saw a couple of different SDKs, Libs etc (WASAPI, Media Foundation) I don't know where to start best.

BTW: Windows Teams and other programs deliver a clear sound.

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