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Hello Microsoft-Community,

we are trying to build some pipelines in Azure Data Factory that uses one of our postgresql databases as a source. This database is located in a virtual subnet. In addition, this subnet is delegated to Microsoft.DBforPostgreSQL/flexibleServers. This setup is a hard requirement for serveral reasons, so I can't make changes to this configuration.

When trying to setup the connection in datafactory, the server and the database appear as selectable options (for the Azure Database for PostgreSQL connector), but when trying to run a test-connection we get a " could not be resolved" error. We are using a Integration runtime that has the configuration for virtual networks enabled btw.

Some guides like this one suggest to create a private-link resource and link the respective virtual subnet to it. Unfortunately we can't create the private-endpoint for it, because for this subnet we get an "selected subnet has a delegation and cannot be used with a privat endpoint" error when trying to create it.

Has anyone experienced similar issues and knows a workaround for connecting to a flexible postgresql database that is inside a virtual subnet from data factory? Any hints are appreciated very much!

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